DCS Performance Engineering happened because we solve problems. We solve problems because we're racers, and racers are going to have problems—or opportunities, as we like to call them.

Our beginnings were all of necessity. We built the first Unijig because our chassis builder moved south to be a NASCAR crew chief. We needed a jig in case we bent our race cars. Yeah, we bent race cars. We won races too, but nobody wins all the time. We built a jig so appealing to race shops, that we started selling jigs, These jigs are now everywhere and in every form of racing. Our customers win too, more than we can count.

A big motorcycle company in Wisconsin liked the adaptability of our Unijig and had us build them a couple for their prototype shop. A customer of ours asked if we could help him solve a problem, and we now have a Unijig Motorcycle Fabrication Jig. Our bike jig is not only the finest available, but bikes built on Unijig's hold world drag racing speed records, championships in NHRA, and so on. Some of the coolest customs built today are built on Unijig equipment.

A good friend of our company is a local sheriff. Being Sheriff is as much about good business as it is about good police work. We had the opportunity to save the Sheriff's Dept. a whole lot of money. We designed an adapter kit that would adapt a cage from the discontinued Ford Crown Victoria squad cars and allow it to be installed in the hugely popular, but slightly more expensive Ford Interceptor SUV. Ford makes a Taurus based squad car that is a couple thousand dollars less than the SUV that is based on the Ford Explorer. The problem is that every piece of equipment from the Crown Vic was slated for scrap if the department bought the sedan. The number crunching County board was just not seeing the benefit of the SUV that the officers wanted. By saving nearly half the cost difference between the 2 vehicles on one single part, and the argument that the far better resale value of the SUV over a sedan, the SUV purchase was approved! Now we offer the cage adapters, Patented*, UPS Shipable to anywhere, for way less money than a new partition.

It's all about solving problems!

We now offer Waterjet cutting Through our Mach 3 Hydromachining division. Yep! It started with another problem. You see, we had a couple of suppliers we could get to do our cutting, one wasn't cooperating, one couldn't keep up with the demand, and the last one offered to sell us his equipment. We opted for newer more efficient equipment, but helped him sell his to another company out of state, we solved a whole bunch of problems with this one. We now offer cutting services and have a staff with lots of years of machining and waterjet experience.

I bet you'll be able to figure out why we make a snow-plow proof rural mailbox mount. Uh Huh, solved another problem.

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