DCS Professional Engineering is proud to offer something slightly different for cobra car enthusiasts. The FIA 289 Cobra Body shell is hand laid fiberglass with reinforcement panels throughout. The kit includes 2 piece body (joined at Rocker panel area front 1/2 to rear 1/2) plus hood, deck lid and doors. Special attention has been paid to symmetry and finish detail in creating this unique body application.

The 289 Cobra paved the way for the better known and argueably less capable 427 SC that is so often and poorly reproduced. The subtle differences between the FIA 289 race car body we've patterned from and the 427 car are what we think will make our race car body a treasured alternative to the 427 for years to come. Enjoy the photos and keep an eye on the project as it progresses.

All panels are marked for correct placement of the windshield, mirrors, and trim.

Contact DCS Performance Engineering for details at 1-888-UNIJIG7

Cobra Bodies - Markers
Cobra Body
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