Water Jet Cutting
Why Choose Mach 3
  • We're NOT a machine shop. We aren't looking for your customer, not interested in taking your secondary operations away.
  • We have machine shop backgrounds, we speak your language and understand your needs.
  • We can turn your work quickly, providing materials or using your material often times within hours... not weeks.
  • We have complete design capability. With your input we can draw the part, build the cut file and produce the part in any quantity. Or - provide us your dxf file and we'll go from there.
  • Estimates are quick, quotes are thorough. Let us know what you need so we don't waste your time or ours.
  • We're interested in building relationships, we want to be a solution for your business, long term.
  • Quantity: Efficient small quantity cutting without tooling costs. Efficient medium to large quantity due to innovative practices in cutting design, material handling, scheduling and inventory management.
  • We're capable of providing cut finishes that need no secondary machining.
  • No heat damage. Weld-ready parts with no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) or contamination.
  • We are a custom shop. It won't cost you a dime to ask... Give us a call!

Mach 3 hydromachining is named for the speed at which our media is traveling through the material - approximately 2400 mph. Our equipment is manufactured by Flow, the world leader in waterjet technology. We can handle sheet material up to 12' X 6'. The list of materials the waterjet can cut is growing as fast as the industry can create materials. While every cutting operation has it's niche, we chose waterjet for its wide capability range in metals, plastics, fiber, composites and even stone and masonry. Environmentally, water is very friendly. No smoke or fumes, relatively low power consumption and inert media pose virtually no environmental hazard. We even reclaim heat generated by our equipment to reduce winter heating costs.

Hydromachining - Arrow Precision Technology Water Jet
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