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The basis of the Unijig bike frame jig is to make the hardest part easy. We've created a platform to hold your project square, center the tree, set the rake angle and set the neck height, so you can design whatever you like. From mild to wild, customize to repairs and restoration, Unijig is the simplest, most accurate way to build your dream bike or run a production shop.
Some of the fastest drag bikes in the world are built on this platform. Before we had perfected this unit, H-D was using our Unijig Chassis Fabrication Equipment in their prototype shop and motorsports fabrication shops. With those credentials, Unijig can probably help your shop too.

Bike Jig Serial NumberAll Unijigs are serial numbered and marked with Model # and date of manufacture (Photo A). If it is red, its powder coated for durability and long lasting professional appearance. Our bolt rails are plated with yellow zinc and aluminum parts are hard anodized, pure performance here, built to last.

(Photo B) Neck Support - Part Number 08001. The upright is built to hold the adjustable head centered and square while maintaining adjustability Photo C) vertically for height. The head also has built-in adjustment for rake or fork angle by degree (Photo C).

Unijig Motorcycle Fab Jig is part of the big system and will bolt directly to any Unijig with a XX52 part number designation - Or the 0816 can be used by itself with our optional 0816-2A Leg/Tool Tray Set (Photo E). This unit is extremely strong and guaranteed not to wiggle while you work and has four adjustable rubber feet included.

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