With UniJig™ repeatability is the key. With stock cars, corner weights, ride height, chassis and suspension geometry are the basis of your weekly set-up. Have you ever heard, "That car has never been the same since the wreck?" Not with UniJig™ in your shop. One customer boasted that after one of their clients met the concrete with his Late-Model, they set it on the jig, cut away the front stub and welded the new stub on, all in a few hours.

The suspension was bolted in place using the notes from the latest set-up and when the customer put the car on the scales, the corner weights and diagonal percentage were within .1%. No doubt that this car was good after the wreck. FAST TIME THE NEXT SATURDAY AND NO MISSED POINTS RACES.

Maybe you could do the same by returning the car to the chassis manufacturer, if the schedule permits, if you can arrange for the transportation, if . . .


We didn't just make this stuff up, we've done it. From stock GM full-size and metric frames to full fabricated late model stock car chassis. Building a hot rod with a Camaro stub or putting a fabricated strut front end under a Street/Strip drag car, UniJig™ will keep the project straight and square. Keeping things from moving during the welding process is critical to alignment and can eliminate the frustration of re-work.


You won't have to worry about being the lowest priced shop for chassis work, now you will be more accurate, faster, turn out better quality work, and the bolt-on parts business will stay in house as well. Your cost will be lower and you can bill the work as you see fit. The UniJig™ will pay for itself. All you need to do is use it!




  • Hot Rod Chassis, Race Cars, 4x4's, UniJig™ can handle whatever you build or bend
  • UNIJIG icon UniJig™ is the simplest, most economical way to fixture any equipment you work with.
  • UNIJIG icon Some of the most successful chassis set-up people in the U.S and Canada are using UniJig™ and winning.
  • UNIJIG icon UniJig™ has a built in leveling system for installation on uneven floors.
  • UNIJIG icon UniJig™ could allow the multi-car dealer to service all models he sells while having only one jig in the shop.
  • UNIJIG icon UniJig™ can be outfitted for stock full frame cars, with repeatability reaching far beyond collision repair equipment capabilities.
  • UNIJIG icon Update your present chassis, manufacturers are always redesigning and improving their products. UniJig™ will allow you to build the latest geometry into your older chassis.
  • UNIJIG icon Only a few very inexpensive parts are needed to fixture whatever you are working on. Materials can be obtained at any local street supplier, or through DCS Performance Engineering.
  • UNIJIG icon Delivery and set-up training available.
  • UNIJIG icon Build your own fixtures or purchase fixtures from DCS or your chassis builder.
  • UNIJIG icon Race teams lucky enough to have fabrication people in house can build their own equipment and keep their secrets in house. Why share technology with your competitor?
  • UNIJIG icon Using UniJig™, the shop can bill hours worked rather than accumulating shipping charges to send a chassis to the manufacturer for repairs.
  • UNIJIG icon Precious shop space is utilized with UniJig™ When not in use as a chassis jig, tubing benders, bead rollers, bench vices, engine cradles all can be bolted to the jig making a solid workplace for awkward tasks.
  • UNIJIG icon Factory support services available.

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